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my first "design"

During my time at Kyocera-Senco, I specialized in plastic injection molding. I designed various plastic components, including one called the 'feed shoe.'

I revamped the feed shoe for a new tool. After the engineering was done, the part mostly looked the same as the previous tool. Since new part required updated tooling, the look could be changed at no extra cost. My dual role as an engineering designer came into play, reworking the component to be more ergonomic with a contemporary look. The department approved my design direction, and these changes were implemented in mass production.

This project ignited my passion for industrial design, leading me to focus on becoming an engineering designer.


Old        to new

Old part

New engineered part

New engineered & designed part

As shown above, the old and new part hardly look different, even though the dimensions are all tuned to fit a different magazine. The final part mirrors hexagonal shapes as seen elsewhere on the tool and has more angular surfaces to nest within the magazine. It also has a new intentional grip location for the finger. 

Can you find the hidden watermark that my team and I put on this part? 

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