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island lamp

I found a unique opportunity for design + engineering through the "HomeGrown" studio at DAAP. On a team with an industrial design and a graphic design student (Clay Brown and Sarah Schonauer), I assisted to develop a product line to sell in a pop-up shop.

We created a lamp inspired by vintage Cincinnati traffic infrastructure. As the functional designer, I focused on helping make our ideas manufacturable at a medium scale, while collaborating with my industrial and graphic design partners to ensure aesthetic excellence and consumer satisfaction.

First, modeled and rendered initial prototype based on rough ideation sketches

Overcame engineering challenges-- made a wire loop interface with a dimmer switch, all while being strong enough to act as a handle. Additionally, everything was made to assemble together without fasteners.

Components were resin-printed for master parts to make a silicone mold. Parts had to be printed in sections and assembled together due to size limitations of printers.

Assembled the mold-master components together to get an idea about what our lamp will look like.

Prepping the shade for the generation of a silicone mold

Poured the silicone mold for the shade.

First production shades out of the mold-- testing color combinations too.

Wired all the components, tested all electronics for each lamp.

Lamp complete!

Built a display for our pop-up shop with the other classmates' products.

Our last picture before selling the lamps.

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